We Know Where the Devil Is

11 days and oodles left to do.

I need to get my hands on some lady apples to make my own version of these.

I ordered a giant leaf paper punch and I have a table of all the guests names ready to roll.

Now all I need to do for the placecards is to decide what 3 colors I want to go with for the paper--oh, and actually make them. Thank goodness for short guestlists!

Besides the placecards, I still need to get a guest book. I am strongly considering going with the polaroid guestbook.

We are decorating with framed photos of mrp, me, and mrp and me all over the place so we have a slight photo theme. Plus, polaroids = fun!

Other than that I am stressed out dealing with people with judgmental or bitterness problems and trying to figure out how to minimize the complaining of our older guests. It's amazing what a wedding brings out in people. Most people are thrilled and excited and just awesome and happy. But there are a few who can't pass up the opportunity to pass judgement, subtely (or not so subtley) try to pass on their own bitterness, or complain about something or everything. I know you can't please everyone, but I need to vent now so I am not a boiling kettle on my own wedding day!

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