No Woodchucks Were Harmed in the Making of this Wedding

I was going to wait for Ken's photos before I blogged about the wedding. The few photos my mom and sister took don't capture the little details that are so fun to illustrate. But, it's been so long and the wedding was so wonderful that I have to say something about it for pete's sake!

So, I guess I'll answer the burning question I posed a while back. After hemming and hawing and wondering if what I bought on Ebay would come too big or dreadlocked or stinky or well, too dead for my taste, I decided to both fur and not fur (and unload way too much cash for the privilege!) I ended up finding a faux fur vintage looking shrug at Banana Republic of all places. It was great because it was not a dead animal and it was more likely to be a sure fit!

It was the perfect warm fuzzy thing to keep me warm while maintaining the ever-important vintagey style I was going for. It wasn't overly-bridal which was nice too. Here's the best photo I have of it on me.

The little girl I am with was our flower girl *P*. Incidentally, little *P* loved staying at our house and watching all the wildlife out our kitchen window. She especially (like her favorite friend aunty) loved the woodchucks. So, we named my shrug chuck in her honor and called it the woodchuck all night and it was just one more silly thing that made it the most funnest day ever!




Cow Bell, the Hell?

8 days to go means a panic means impulse shopping. I was on the phone with mrp and we were discussing what to have people throw at us as we left the church. We were going to give the kids bubble guns to make tons o' bubbles, but then we decided that was stupid and potentially really messy. So we though, eh, just let them all clap and cheer. Then I said I'd put my sister on the case and have her get the crowd to whoop it up like we were winning a gold medal. I then I thought, hey, what about cow bells. And mrp said, "yeah! cow bells." And now we are the proud owners of 24 of these babies.