To Fur or Not to Fur

So, I am getting married in Cleveland in November. What does this mean? Brrrrrrr. Yes, that's right. It's probably going to be pretty chilly outside. Will that deter mrp and me from running around outside for pictures in our happy orchardy paradise? Why of course not!! We both trained for the Boston marathon all last winter, doing long runs in -20 degree windchills! We are tough and the cold isn't going to put a glitch in our plans. However, that's not to say I enjoy being cold or enjoy the thought of running around in a skimpy bridal gown with my poor little shoulders all bare and exposed to the harsh elements. So, that leads me to the next point: what to wear, what to wear?

My dress has a 30's vintage vibe to it and our reception site has a similar vibe, so I'd like to stay with this theme in choosing my outerwear. What did sophisticated ladies in the 30's wear on their shoulders to keep the chill at bay? Fur! Am I excited about wearing a dead animal? No! But kind of. I don't know. I was a vegetarian for years and I love animals something fierce. I've seen the videos of the electrodes and the little minks and sables and foxes and it is heartbreaking. But at the same time if I purchase a vintage fur from E-bay from some old lady's collection that was killed before even my mother was born is this really that heartless? I mean, isn't it good to participate in a market for used things like this to reinforce recycling and the notion that we really don't need to kill any minks in the here and now? Am I being shallow and selfish? Vane, perhaps?

I am leaning heavily towards purchasing a used vintage mink stole such as the ones pictured here. When I am finished with it, I will either resell it or donate it to the goodwill to recycle it again and maybe, just maybe save a modern mink from destruction. Or am I just making excuses? Maybe I'm no better than Cruella Deville! At least I have better hair.


deanna said...

Hey I saw u on weddingbee. I had my high school graduation party at your wedding venue and I've been to a wedding there too. It was awesome both times. Are u from Cleveland or did u relocate there? I'm from Mayfield Hts. but I live in Brecksville right now.

Quinto Sol said...

Why don't you go the synthetic route? Your rationalization of an 'old' fur coat being recycled may not go too well with animal lovers such as yourself :-)

Kyle the Girl said...