I had these great intentions with this blog--I was gunning to share my vision with the world as a Wedding Bee. I get these ideas in my head and suddenly it's a goal and I MUST ACHIEVE IT! However, how many stinking goals can one woman focus on achieving at once? Enough is enough. So, instead I am writing this for my own (and your) amusement.

In marathon training parlance there is this thing called bonking. It is appropriate here because I've more or less encountered a life bonk. I am just too buried right now to keep up with EVERYTHING so things like trying to become a "famous" wedding blogger suddenly seem utterly ridiculous. Yes, my non-running time and energy is better spent doing my job and eating and sleeping and maintaining my wonderful relationship. As I said, I'll keep this thing going but I'm no longer going to care if it's informative, helpful, interesting, or spelled correctly.

That being said, I had the funniest experience with my invitation lady, Cindi. We've been going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth (ok, you get the picture) with designs, wording, fonts, you name it. We were just about finished and then mrp and I couldn't decide between a small apple or a large watermark apple design. So, I proposed to see a couple more samples and Cindi was all like (and I paraphrase), "Dude, cut this sh*t out and pick something. You're not paying me nearly enough to put up with your wishy-washy b.s." I got her message and just laughed. Heh. She's so right. Sometimes you need someone to out the hammer down and make a limit. So, the invitations are done and on there way. Here's the finished bundle.

Now, I just need to work on legible handwriting for the addresses.

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