My Prerogative

I am offically crazy. I know I said I found the perfect flower girl dress and it was lace and tulle and bla bla bla. But I lied. I talked to one of my flower moms, my bridesmaid *B* and she said she didn't think that a lacey tulley dress would really be conducive to wearing again. And then I thought about it and I realized that a lacey tulley poof really isn't my taste anyway so I changed my mind, which is afterall my prerogative (thank you Bobby!)

Instead I'm going with this very simple silk dress.
It's much simpler than the original choice. I like the plain real tied bow. As much as I have loved my experience with the dressmaker, Pegeen, some of the styles kind of scare me. I think the simple version I (with help from mom *B*) chose is a much better option than the dress with the eighties inspired giant Cinderella McBow and it is thankfully free of all gigantic and incredibly fake looking fake flowers. The second picture is in the actual color I chose, mountain fall. This color is pretty close to my mulling spices paint color card and is another rich tone to compliment the plum/eggplant shade of the bridesmaids' dresses. I chose a gold sash which is also in the theme.

I was originally worried about having another rich color in the wedding party for fear of taking the fall theme too far and looking like some weird autumnal circus. I really don't want to beat the fall thing into people's heads--yes, it's fall and yes fall leaves are pretty but that doesn't mean we have to thrust 17 shades of orange on the guests! Anyway, it should be ok. The eggplant shade is dark and just muted enough to almost qualify as a neutral and I'm wearing ivory, of course. Also, I don't plan to use that shade anywhere else much. I will probably tie it in with the rest of the theme through pale apricot flowers mixed into bouquets and maybe pew decorations. We shall see.

Oh, that reminds me. Flowers. I have to get on that!

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