Choosing colors was probably the one thing about wedding planning that I was most excited about. Even when I was a little girl playing with my Crayola 64's, I've loved messing around with color combinations. When it came time to choose our colors though, I found it hard to find a place to compare and contrast color combinations. I wracked my brain as I sat in my desk at the corporate headquarters of one the world's largest paint companies and then it finally hit me--duh! Paint color chips!!

I headed straight for the nearest big box home store and went crazy pulling the color cards. I wanted something fallish, but not beat you over the head with fall colors fallish. Specifically, I wanted something elegant, modern, cozy, and contrasty to go with our November date. I pulled every fally cozy color I saw and brought home 3 cards of each. After dinner that night mrp and I shuffled the cards all around the table until we had a combo of: burnt plum; mulling spices; irish moss; deep green; golden satin; honeyed bronze; and starglow. These translate to: deep plum; spicy orange; light green; dark green; pale gold; muted gold; and a goldish peach.

The beauty of this idea is that I keep a set of cards in my purse to whip out any time someone asks me what our colors are. I was able to send a set to each of my brides maids who live clear across the country in opposite directions. I was also able to send a set to Cindi, my invitation lady. This was great when it came to knowing whether the materials she selected matched my scheme (there's a big difference between Barney Purple and Plum that I understand, but not necessarily everyone gets it!) So, when Cindi picked out the materials she sent me this via e-mail and I was confident she picked the right stuff!

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