He Knew All Along

This is me, salty, and mrp (pronounced merp). Why is mrp so happy in this picture? No, not because he's been drinking (although that may have been the case). It's because we're getting married!!

It all began when I was 15 and he was 17. While I went to Y academy, he went to X academy with my cousin. One day my uncle took my cousin and his friend, mrp, to an Indians game and invited me to tag along. Being the ever-mature adolescents we poked each other and said how annoying the other one was the whole time. Anyway, a few months later we ran into each other again, exchanged phone numbers and hung out a few times. But, mrp was so so shy and I was cooly mccool, so on the day before my 16th birthday I dumped him.

Fastforward 14 years. After many many many years in school I just started my full-time job. After work I would often go to the company gym to get a run in on the treadmill. I would finish up as the gym was closing and head to the elevators to leave. Often times there was a cute guy waiting by the elevators too. At first we didn't really talk to each other. But then we started to say hi. This eventually lead to exciting conversations about the propriety of public transportation in Cleveland among other such topics.

Occasionally, I would see the elevator guy in the gym running or stretching too. One night after finishing my run, I headed over to the mats to stretch. Elevator guy happened to be there too. I was wearing my sister's X Academy band t-shirt (she had to be a rebel and go to a different school than me). Elevator guy said hi and then asked me about the t-shirt. I explained it's origins and then asked if he went there. Why, yes he did. I then asked when he graduated. The same year as my cousin. I asked him if he knew my cousin. Why yes he did. After this exchange, I had to run to catch my bus.

A week later I saw elevator guy by the mats again. I was running late to catch my bus--surprise. But before I left, I asked him, "by the way, what's your name?" He said, "um, mrp." And I punched him in the arm as I ran out to the bus stop. And the rest is history!

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Quinto Sol said...

Ahh, nice to know that mrp is pronounced 'merp.' I kept on pronouncing it ĕm-är-pē. I am glad you clarified it :-)

I often wondered if it was Mr. P as in Mr. Big of Sex and the City fame, or if they were his initials...