Reschedule an Appointment and I Will Cut You!

Ahhh! I am so sick of juggling 90,012,556,546,346,043,213,713* things at once! One little change in my schedule and I'm a basket case. When we started planning our wedding I really thought since I am pretty laid back when it comes to details and since we were planning a smaller wedding that I could easily handle wedding planning, a full time professional job, and marathon training. The reality is that it's definitely not easy but with my handy-dandy calendar and a week's notice of an appointment, I can do it just fine. Oh, but when any appointment gets changed my stress level goes bonkers as I try to figure out how to get in a 14 mile run, work at least 9 hours, and make the appointment with the caterer all on the same day.

I guess I didn't realize how much I needed to rely on others keeping appointments and generally not wasting my time. I also need other aspects of my life to be predictably scheduled. I need to know my running schedule in advance as well as my work schedule, family obligations, dentist appointments, major home repairs, killer storms or forest fires necessitating evacuations, etc. Heh. Basically, while wedding planning spontaneity and flying by the seat of my pants is so not an option!!

For the most part, my vendors and others we need to meet with before the wedding have been reliable. There is one though that has rescheduled twice at the last minute because she had a grandson's birthday party to go to (the first was on a Wednesday and the second was on a Monday--and you don't know until the day before about your grandson's birthday party?!) Unfortunately, this lady is someone we need to meet with from our church and not a paid vendor. So, all I could do was bite my tongue and reschedule. We are having our appointment with her tomorrow and I had to accommodate it by switching tomorrow's 14 mile run to this afternoon, so it better be good!

How do you handle scheduling all your wedding planning appointments and how do you handle it when someone reschedules at the last minute?

*Slight exaggeration.

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