Thanks Mr. Squire

I am one lucky girl! I just happened to pick a law school that gave me access to the world's greatest reception venue. Booyah! I'm glad to know thousands of dollars in student loans pays for something!

The university owns a huge plot of land in one of the most beautiful towns around. A local rich dude named Squire, donated the land back several decades ago, along with the manor house in which he lived. Squire's manor house is where we are going to have our reception!

I am certainly not into Thomas Kincade's prints, but I will admit there is some appeal to the cute little cottages in them. Check it out. Our venue looks like it's straight out of a Thomas Kincade print!

The inside is equally as fab. The foyer is simply stunning. You walk in through a beautiful door and see this! Can't you just picture the place cards or the guest book right there on that beautiful table?!

The main room is so incredible. This picture does not do it justice. This fireplace is working which will be perfect if our November date is chilly. The ceiling is very high and beamed with beautiful oak beams. The rest of the room is covered in pristine rich oak panelling. So insanely divine with ivory table cloths and candles on all the tables. My dress has a 30's vibe which goes with the architecture of the house and it has rhinestone details so I just picture myself sweeping in and full of sparkles! Can't wait!

If that's not enough the basement is set up like a lounge, complete with a pool table. Perfect for my uncles and mrp's friends to let loose and have some fun!

I am so happy I stumbled on this venue. It wasn't on my radar screen when we first started planning. I started with the known wedding venues in town and those just seemed so not cozy and corporate or something. I knew we wanted a small countryish wedding and somehow I stumbled on the manor house. I even went to a function here while in law school but because it's not a known wedding reception place in town it just didn't spring to mind. I am just so glad I had access to it as an alumna. If you're thinking of looking for a venue a little off the beaten path, I highly suggest contacting your university. You might just have a manor house or maybe even something better available to you too!

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