May Our Fields Always Be Full of Buttercups

It's so funny how two people kind of flit along through life and then start flitting around together and then decide one day to flit around together forever. "Even when the field isn't full of flowers we shall flit around as one!" we declare. "When there are buttercups a-plenty we shall flit around sharing in the yellowy pleasure!" Yeah!

It is especially funny when two people are as independent as mrp and I are. I was pretty happy flitting around the field by myself and mrp was happy in his. Mrp especially is not the kind of person who really needs someone else in his life to be happy. He really expected not to get married before I flitted along into the picture. I definitely wanted to be married and have a family, but I've always been happy doing other things too. One day flitting about we flitted into each other and the rest is history!

Anyway there is something so natural about coupling and the evolution of a relationship. Embarking on marriage is scary sometimes, it is a big commitment in human terms--the legal stuff, the family stuff, the money stuff--but at the same time it's really just natural.

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