Growing Old Together

When I wrote about how I pictured mrp and me in 40 years I described us sitting at our kitchen table eating breakfast and enjoying a cup of coffee as we read the paper or admire the birds eating at the feeder outside the kitchen window. I picture mrp all tall, and gray, handsome and still tan from working in his garden. In my vision, mrp at 75 is as attractive to me as he is at 33.

But something that never really entered the vision was whether we'll have a sex life when we're older. I read an article this morning in the New York times that says a surprising amount of older folks--people over 75--continue to regularly have sex. Woohoo! I hope that's us! I'm sure it depends on a lot of things--physical health mainly. But, I sincerely hope that by staying active and healthy that our sex life remains robust through our golden years.

Have you and your fiance discussed how you picture your golden years?

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