Random Opinions about Wedding Things

Monograms--They are everywhere! I just never liked them. The script is generally cheesy looking to me and for some reason it looks cheap even though I know it's supposed to look blue-blood preppy.

Fruits and Veggies--Love! So silly and random and fresh. And just cute!

Affair--It's like nails on a chalkboard to hear the word affair preceeded by adjectives such as: vintage-inspired, whimsical, sophisticated or anything x yet-y.

Soiree--Such a cool and underused word!

DJ's--Mullets, You Shook Me All Night Long, cheap tuxedo vests, enough said.

Ipod--So easy and every song you want is on it! And it's cheap (if like me you already have one) and doesn't drop the Y.M.C.A. bomb on the party

Limos--They just seem so utterly cheesy and 80's to me. I just picture big blonde hair and teal taffeta when I see a white limo!

Bicycles--That would be cool to ride away on a tandem bicycle! Probably stupid with a long dress on, but cool!

Chocolate Brown--I suppose it's softer than black, but so is navy and dark any color. ENOUGH brown!! On to the next trendy color please!

Gold--I have an obsession with anything gilt. Maybe it's that I love the Great Gatsby and just have this weird gold Art Deco fantasy. I don't know. I just have this obsession with a gilded November wedding.

Favors--They almost always seem like an after thought to me. And why do we need to give people a little trinket? Isn't the party, the booze, the food, the fun and excitement enough? I do want people to feel appreciated and loved but placing some hershey's kisses, a cheap candle, or other doo-dad at their place setting really doesn't seem very appreciative to me!

Polaroid Pictures--Wouldn't it be cool to have a couple of polaroids around to let the guests go crazy to make their own souvenirs. Cheaper than a photo booth!


To Fur or Not to Fur

So, I am getting married in Cleveland in November. What does this mean? Brrrrrrr. Yes, that's right. It's probably going to be pretty chilly outside. Will that deter mrp and me from running around outside for pictures in our happy orchardy paradise? Why of course not!! We both trained for the Boston marathon all last winter, doing long runs in -20 degree windchills! We are tough and the cold isn't going to put a glitch in our plans. However, that's not to say I enjoy being cold or enjoy the thought of running around in a skimpy bridal gown with my poor little shoulders all bare and exposed to the harsh elements. So, that leads me to the next point: what to wear, what to wear?

My dress has a 30's vintage vibe to it and our reception site has a similar vibe, so I'd like to stay with this theme in choosing my outerwear. What did sophisticated ladies in the 30's wear on their shoulders to keep the chill at bay? Fur! Am I excited about wearing a dead animal? No! But kind of. I don't know. I was a vegetarian for years and I love animals something fierce. I've seen the videos of the electrodes and the little minks and sables and foxes and it is heartbreaking. But at the same time if I purchase a vintage fur from E-bay from some old lady's collection that was killed before even my mother was born is this really that heartless? I mean, isn't it good to participate in a market for used things like this to reinforce recycling and the notion that we really don't need to kill any minks in the here and now? Am I being shallow and selfish? Vane, perhaps?

I am leaning heavily towards purchasing a used vintage mink stole such as the ones pictured here. When I am finished with it, I will either resell it or donate it to the goodwill to recycle it again and maybe, just maybe save a modern mink from destruction. Or am I just making excuses? Maybe I'm no better than Cruella Deville! At least I have better hair.


Free Will and a Pair of Over-Priced Shoes

Bobby Brown, unbeknownst to most, is one of the great minds of our time. I have hinted to his profound influence on me before, but I'm not sure if I fully articulated his influence on my life. In his classic work, My Prerogative, he demonstrates the paramount importance of free will in humanity's quest for enlightenment. Unlike some, who believe that our destiny is predetermined, Brown argues that no, "I will do what I want to do."

Under Brown's tutelage I feel it is in the interest of humanity that I change my mind yet again. Even if I earlier said otherwise, it's my prerogative and I will do what I want to do. I will not post any pictures of me in my wedding dress until after the wedding. I know I said I would post about the dress but I just don't want to take the chance that mrp stumbles upon it. Actually, you might think it's kind of strange, but mrp doesn't really read my blogs. Every once in a while he'll sneak a peak, though, so I'd rather be safe than sorry. Plus, I want to keep it a secret.

But, getting back to that earlier post. I'll have you know I surprised myself and chose the J Crew knotted d'orsay pumps. They looked kind of yellow, but they are actually the exact same color as the lining of my dress and compliment the lace overlay very well. And they're $50 cheaper than the other shoes I was leaning toward, so yeah!


My Savior!

*Yeah! The cavalry has come. My beautiful sister *Y*, has come home to help me get this wedding shiznit in order. Woohoo! Actually, she came home because she's transitioning from life in New Orleans (yes, she lived there pre and post-Katrina) to a new life in my old stomping grounds, New York City. I don't care why, though! I am just so excited to have her here so close. Yeah, I am so happy.

And oh do I need the help. Of course I've saved the most unpleasant decisions for last here. They're only unpleasant because I don't know what I'm looking for really. I hate dealing with these expensive and important decisions without knowing what I'm doing. I still need to find a salon for hair and maybe make-up and I need to figure out the flower thing. Both things are not really things I can do on my own and both are potentially very expensive and very important.

So, my brave and objective sister is the perfect person to handle the appointments and help me figure out what I want. It also helps that she knows her wedding stuff having recently planned (and thankfully abandoned said plan, a story for later) her own wedding (that again thankfully did not happen).

For the record, I would be happy just to have her so close for 2 months even if I didn't need her help. It's just doubly awesome she's coming when she is! Woohoo take two!

*I stole all the pictures from her myspace so she's not allowed to be mad at me for posting them.



I had these great intentions with this blog--I was gunning to share my vision with the world as a Wedding Bee. I get these ideas in my head and suddenly it's a goal and I MUST ACHIEVE IT! However, how many stinking goals can one woman focus on achieving at once? Enough is enough. So, instead I am writing this for my own (and your) amusement.

In marathon training parlance there is this thing called bonking. It is appropriate here because I've more or less encountered a life bonk. I am just too buried right now to keep up with EVERYTHING so things like trying to become a "famous" wedding blogger suddenly seem utterly ridiculous. Yes, my non-running time and energy is better spent doing my job and eating and sleeping and maintaining my wonderful relationship. As I said, I'll keep this thing going but I'm no longer going to care if it's informative, helpful, interesting, or spelled correctly.

That being said, I had the funniest experience with my invitation lady, Cindi. We've been going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth (ok, you get the picture) with designs, wording, fonts, you name it. We were just about finished and then mrp and I couldn't decide between a small apple or a large watermark apple design. So, I proposed to see a couple more samples and Cindi was all like (and I paraphrase), "Dude, cut this sh*t out and pick something. You're not paying me nearly enough to put up with your wishy-washy b.s." I got her message and just laughed. Heh. She's so right. Sometimes you need someone to out the hammer down and make a limit. So, the invitations are done and on there way. Here's the finished bundle.

Now, I just need to work on legible handwriting for the addresses.