Random Opinions about Wedding Things

Monograms--They are everywhere! I just never liked them. The script is generally cheesy looking to me and for some reason it looks cheap even though I know it's supposed to look blue-blood preppy.

Fruits and Veggies--Love! So silly and random and fresh. And just cute!

Affair--It's like nails on a chalkboard to hear the word affair preceeded by adjectives such as: vintage-inspired, whimsical, sophisticated or anything x yet-y.

Soiree--Such a cool and underused word!

DJ's--Mullets, You Shook Me All Night Long, cheap tuxedo vests, enough said.

Ipod--So easy and every song you want is on it! And it's cheap (if like me you already have one) and doesn't drop the Y.M.C.A. bomb on the party

Limos--They just seem so utterly cheesy and 80's to me. I just picture big blonde hair and teal taffeta when I see a white limo!

Bicycles--That would be cool to ride away on a tandem bicycle! Probably stupid with a long dress on, but cool!

Chocolate Brown--I suppose it's softer than black, but so is navy and dark any color. ENOUGH brown!! On to the next trendy color please!

Gold--I have an obsession with anything gilt. Maybe it's that I love the Great Gatsby and just have this weird gold Art Deco fantasy. I don't know. I just have this obsession with a gilded November wedding.

Favors--They almost always seem like an after thought to me. And why do we need to give people a little trinket? Isn't the party, the booze, the food, the fun and excitement enough? I do want people to feel appreciated and loved but placing some hershey's kisses, a cheap candle, or other doo-dad at their place setting really doesn't seem very appreciative to me!

Polaroid Pictures--Wouldn't it be cool to have a couple of polaroids around to let the guests go crazy to make their own souvenirs. Cheaper than a photo booth!

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Kyle the Girl said...

Wrap your head around this: MRS.MRP.