My Savior!

*Yeah! The cavalry has come. My beautiful sister *Y*, has come home to help me get this wedding shiznit in order. Woohoo! Actually, she came home because she's transitioning from life in New Orleans (yes, she lived there pre and post-Katrina) to a new life in my old stomping grounds, New York City. I don't care why, though! I am just so excited to have her here so close. Yeah, I am so happy.

And oh do I need the help. Of course I've saved the most unpleasant decisions for last here. They're only unpleasant because I don't know what I'm looking for really. I hate dealing with these expensive and important decisions without knowing what I'm doing. I still need to find a salon for hair and maybe make-up and I need to figure out the flower thing. Both things are not really things I can do on my own and both are potentially very expensive and very important.

So, my brave and objective sister is the perfect person to handle the appointments and help me figure out what I want. It also helps that she knows her wedding stuff having recently planned (and thankfully abandoned said plan, a story for later) her own wedding (that again thankfully did not happen).

For the record, I would be happy just to have her so close for 2 months even if I didn't need her help. It's just doubly awesome she's coming when she is! Woohoo take two!

*I stole all the pictures from her myspace so she's not allowed to be mad at me for posting them.

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