Cute in a Jar

Mrp and I are many things. We are free-spirited, yet somewhat sophisticated. We are also worldly, yet also down to earth. We are lovers of tater tots, yet we are also obsessed with fruits and vegetables. Huh? You see, we happen to live in an apple orchard, which explains the fruit, and mrp's a wannabe farmer and I'm a wannabe gourmet chef! So, we love sitting in our kitchen eating a dinner composed of our very own garden-grown veggies while ogling the beautiful blushed apples ripening on the trees. Wonderfulness!

Since our wedding is in the fall it is a perfect setting for us to throw a harvest themed wedding. This provides ample opportunities for DIY adventures! One thing I am so stoked about is our centerpieces. I am still not completely sure about the final outcome, but I know one component is going to be votives in ball mason jars on the tables. Just picture the rustic cuteness of this country staple all aglow. Precious, no?!

And you may think it's a bit over the top with the cuteness. Some cuteness is good because, yes mrp and I are cute (at least I think so!) But the cuteness of the mason jars will be well balanced by the elegance of our reception locale, my dress, and the bridesmaid dresses, and the place settings. Yes, it will be a elegant, whimsicle, and yes, cute affair that represents its hosts very well!

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