Under Pressure

I have a problem. I am easily pressured by vendors. I hate negotiating and I hate rocking the boat. I know, I'm a lawyer. I should be a natural at doing these things, but when it comes to my personal life my professional skills are left in the office.

I first noticed this when I was at my first dress fitting. In my mind, the hips and waist needed to be taken in on my dress and I want the bottom to start flaring higher up and closer to my butt than it is. But, did I say anything as she worked on pinning the hem and the straps and left the waist and hips untouched? Of course not! I just smiled and said it was great! Gah!!!

I also noticed it just a little while ago as I was speaking with a potential flower person. In my mind I want to keep the flowers simple. I don't want floral centerpieces and I really don't think I want much traditional flower stuff in the church. I really just want bouquets, boutineires, corsages, and maybe pew decorations and tree rentals. The rest of the stuff I hope to make myself along with my bridal party. Yet, did I say anything about this as the florist insisted we meet at either the reception site or the church to discuss the possibilities? Of course not!

I still can tell the florist what I want and insist on it, of course. And I can also discuss the waist and hips of my dress at my next fitting. But will I?

I need to muster up the guts to stand up for what I want. I suppose in some ways I'm afraid to not do the right thing. I need to get confident about my vision for our wedding and insist that my vendors fall into line if they want to work for us. And doggone it, I swear I will. Dress lady, be ready to pin the middle of my dress on Saturday!

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