Cow Bell, the Hell?

8 days to go means a panic means impulse shopping. I was on the phone with mrp and we were discussing what to have people throw at us as we left the church. We were going to give the kids bubble guns to make tons o' bubbles, but then we decided that was stupid and potentially really messy. So we though, eh, just let them all clap and cheer. Then I said I'd put my sister on the case and have her get the crowd to whoop it up like we were winning a gold medal. I then I thought, hey, what about cow bells. And mrp said, "yeah! cow bells." And now we are the proud owners of 24 of these babies.


Mindi said...

This rocks. The cow bells officially win my vote for the best wedding accessory ever.

Faith said...

GREAT idea!

But wait...I thought your wedding was supposed to be in November. What's this 8 weeks to go stuff? I'm confused...

(By the way, I found you via the comments on my wedding blog, but have signed in with my log in from my everyday blog. Because I like to confuse people as much as possible...)