Dearly Beloved Part

I finally made it to mrp and as soon as I got there, the tears started streaming down his face and then mine. As we walked up to the alter we were both doing our best to stop the water works. Our priest said we looked so nervous, but it was really just the pain from biting on the inside of our cheeks!

At first we were both so stoic and stiff sitting up there, not knowing what to do. Then I decided we could relax. I think I'm eyeballing mrp's hand and raring up to grab it and hold on!

We had the crying thing all under control--well, at least until the vows. Mrp went first and was crying his little eyes out! So, by the time it was my turn, I could hardly talk. I just squeaked out my vows under all the sniffles and tears :)

Our priest gave us permission to practice our end-of-the-ceremony kiss after our vows.

Mrp's niece and our flower girl looks on. I wonder what her little 4 year old brain makes of all this!

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