Wedding Photo Diary

So around 2:00 PM on November 10, 2007 mrp and I got hitched. Below is a little chronicle of the day from a little before the ceremony to hours into our dance-a-thon. All the photos, unless otherwise noted, were taken by our fabulous photographer Ken Blaze. Almost all the photos are unposed and just snapshots of what was really going on. There are a few posed ones in the middle but I think they're pretty obvious. We really love Ken's photojournalistic style and feel he did a fabulous job capturing the essence of our day. He likes to post what he feels is the story of the wedding day of the couples he photographs on his website. Here's his take on ours. And below is ours.

Here's our program to kick this off.


Anonymous said...
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Jim said...

What a beautiful wedding and gallery of photos to prove it! Contrats Salta and MRP.