Greetings from the Mrps

After the ceremony we had a bit of a receiving line in the church lobby. Since we had such a small crowd we didn't have to stand there for a million years smiling until our cheeks hurt. Instead, since everyone there was either family or very close friends we actually spent a few quality minutes with everyone.

My grandma again! Isn't she the cutest?!

Mrp being a fine host. I think a lot of people never thought mrp would break down and get married and I think his sister's mother-in-law was one of them ;)

Me and my aunty! The sinceretyof the happiness that most of our guests had for us was probably the second best thing about the day (second to how happy we were!)

One of my bestest friends drove all the way from NYC. I hadn't seen him in two years and I didn't recognize him at first with that hair! Gorgeous!

My new nephew! I love being an aunt, can't you tell?

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