My Aunties and My Dress

My dad was one of 8 children. He died when I was 11, but he thankfully has four wonderful sisters who were as close to a replacement as you could get to a lost parent.

Besides my one aunt volunteering for MC duties, the one above gave a touching self-written reading and along with the others fabulously helped us decorate the reception area. (If you look closely you can see the squirrel!)

Anyway, as soon as mrp and I walked into the reception I was acosted! Heh.

But I ate up their attention and used the opportunity to show off my dress!

I dropped some coin on that thing at a little shop called All Brides Beautiful. It was designed by a Seattle boutique designer Sally Crew. It was silk chantilly lace and swarovski crystals. It was simple and elegant yet totally decadent. I felt gorgeous, dahling! And that's the point of a wedding dress! And Aunties!

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