Little Details Interlude: Before

Before we commence the reception photos, here is a brief interlude focusing on the little details. Here are some shots before the party started.

Our incredibly gorgeous cake baked by my pastry chef cousin. It is decorated with lady apples, little pears, cranberries, mums, plum ribbon, and little picturs of us in cinnamon stick frames. The photos on the sides are of us as babies, children, then young adults in sepia. The one at the top is one of Ken's engagement shots of us.

Besides the cake and the flower girl baskets, we used lady apples as place cards. We found a leaf shaped hole punch and punched leaves in three different colors that corresponded to the guests meal choice (mrp and I both chose the salmon--yum!) Then we pinned the leaves to the top and voila!

I am so not a fan of floral centerpieces. Hate them, in fact. So, instead we put candles in various sized mason jars and clustered them in the center of the tables. For table numbers we used some of the dozens of picture frames we bought at thrift stores and closeout shops (we even found one that was a picture frame inside a squirrel figurine!) to tie in with our photo theme (cake, decorations, guest book).

We also put lady apples and the candles in mason jars around other areas of the space along with photos of us together, some family wedding shots, and us as kids.

Finally, we did the music ourselves using itunes. My Aunty MC'd. Here we are hooking things up and doing a sound check. "Check. Check."

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