Dum Dum Da Dum

I had no idea what time it was down in my basement montessori hideaway, so we ended up being a bit late to start the processional.

First, the little ones with their little baskets of lady apples. They were picture perfect and followed instructions just right!

They were followed by my best friend *B* and mrp's friend *C*. Notice the garish purple in the flowers. I suppose that's the downside for scrimping on a good florist. Heh.

My sister ended up taking off too early, but that's ok. Wasn't she gorgeous?!

Mrp waiting for me trying not to cry. Probably wondering why I didn't wait for my processional music. Since my sister took off early I got confused and thought it was weird to stand back there so long so I took off early too. Oops!

I'm on my way...

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